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What NYC Employers Must Know About the Safe Leave Law

The former NYC Earned Sick Time Act, popularly known as the Paid Leave Law, is now the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act.  Previously, the Act obligated employers to provide a certain amount of sick leave for their employees. The new amendments to the Act, which are presently going into effect, allow employees to use paid leave not only for sick leave, but also if they or a family member were victims of domestic violence, stalking, or human trafficking.

For employers, the amendments bring new compliance requirements.Employee manuals, handbooks and policies, as well as certain notices that, by law, must be provided to employees, need to be revised to reflect the changes in the law.Based on past experience, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, the agency tasked with enforcement of the Act, will likely be conducting compliance audits and reviews of employer practices. Employers found in violation of the Act may be subject to restitution as well as other civil penalties.It is therefore critical that employers remain alert to the changes in the law and ensure that their employment practices are fully updated and compliant.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022