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We are offering the experience to guide clients through all stages of business from start-up companies to growth and development of existing companies. We contribute to our clients' success by increasing the return on the company's business assets, lowering the cost of doing business, and attracting much-needed capital.


Formation and Structure of Business Ventures

Our attorneys have helped countless entrepreneurs in a variety of industries turn their ideas into profitable business ventures. From initial planning and counseling through contract negotiations and ongoing compliance, our experienced attorneys provide unparalleled service. Unlike other legal service providers, we do not just offer a product, we are genuinely excited to be a part of the creation process and provide custom-tailored guidance every step of the way. We see ourselves as our clients' partners, consulting on a wide variety of business and industry issues long past the initial start-up phase.

Planning and Transactional Assistance

Knowledgeable legal assistance is an important component to every business throughout its life.

Every business transaction, regardless of size, is important to our clients. Transactions can range from simple sales agreements to complex arrangements, and can require review, drafting, negotiation, as well as counseling and advice from experienced attorneys. Our experienced business law attorneys know the questions to ask to help our clients determine what options might be available in a variety of matters. We strive to bring the same practical approach, creativity and commitment to excellence to each matter in which we are engaged. Utilizing their deep understanding of the healthcare industry, our attorney's help our clients manage the planning, negotiating, and drafting of all necessary business transactions. We take the time to get to know our clients, helping to identify their goals and concerns so we may respond creatively to their requests. Our attorneys assist clients in finding and developing opportunities, preparing proposals, and addressing legal issues that arise during contract performance, always delivering innovative solutions to the scores of complex and sophisticated issues in healthcare transactions.

Business Agreements and Transactional Matters

Our firm has a diverse global clientele of major corporations within the healthcare industry, but we work with businesses of all sizes and across many industries, delivering the same high-quality services our clients have come to depend on. Our attorneys are collaborative partners who understand our clients’ businesses.

Our Healthcare Transactional Practice is where our industry-focused approach truly comes to light. The environment of today's healthcare industry is one marked by complex legal and regulatory issues. New legislation and advisory opinions create dramatic changes to the healthcare legal framework on a regular basis. To effectively handle most business transactions, the business owner must stay apprised of the latest business trends and regulatory developments, otherwise risk significant exposure. Given the rapidly changing healthcare environment, our clients’ are constantly challenged to stay on top of emerging issues.

Business agreements, the central component of every business transaction, are universally affected with each new change. Our attorneys have the industry experience necessary to handle the unique healthcare contract law environment. Apprised of all recent developments, our attorneys provide contract drafting, interpretation, and negotiation with unparalleled skill. Regardless of the complexity of the contract and issues involved, our experienced business attorneys have the industry expertise to ensure our clients’ interests are always protected.

Mergers and Acquisitions

To efficiently respond to the full spectrum of client needs, we work collaboratively to anticipate and address the demands of high-intensity transactions. We help clients navigate and negotiate through the layers of complex agreements and decisions that accompany any deal. From identifying tax efficiencies to counseling on other key issues in a client’s industry, we analyze and adress every area of a deal, including tax, environmental, intellectual property, antitrust, litigation, labor, employee benefits, finance, bankruptcy, real estate, and securities to make sure every aspect and outcome of a deal is considered.

Our clients include companies at all stages of development – from start-up to public companies – in industries as diverse as software and technology, financial services, professional services, health care, telecom, consumer products, real estate, food and beverage, and others.