Alec Sauchik, Esq.


Embarking on the journey of establishing a new pharmacy involves navigating a complex web of legal considerations. At MDRXLaw, we offer dedicated legal services to guide you through the intricacies of launching a successful pharmacy business.

Our Legal Services for Establishing New Pharmacies:


1. Regulatory Compliance:

We ensure your pharmacy complies with federal, state, and local regulations. From obtaining necessary licenses to understanding DEA requirements, we navigate the regulatory landscape for you.

2. Business Structure:

Choosing the right legal structure is crucial. We assist in selecting and establishing the appropriate business entity and prepare all required corporate documents that will ensure compliance with requirements of Boards of Pharmacy in your state.

3. Contract Drafting and Review:

Clear contractual agreements are the foundation of successful pharmacy operations. We draft and review contracts with suppliers, service providers, and stakeholders, ensuring your interests are protected.

4. Real Estate Transactions:

Navigating real estate transactions is a critical aspect of setting up a physical pharmacy. We provide legal support in lease negotiations, zoning compliance, and property acquisition to secure a suitable location.

5. Intellectual Property Protection:

Protecting your pharmacy’s brand and innovations is paramount. We offer counsel on trademarks, copyrights, and patents, safeguarding your intellectual property in a competitive market.

6. Employment Law Compliance:

Understanding employment laws is vital when building your team. We guide you through employment agreements, compliance with labor laws, and employee policies to foster a healthy workplace environment.

7. Privacy and Data Security:

In the digital age, securing patient information is crucial. We help you implement robust data protection measures, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other privacy regulations.

8. Insurance Coverage:

Mitigating risks through adequate insurance coverage is essential. We assess your needs and provide guidance on securing the right insurance policies for your pharmacy operations.

9. Compliance Training:

Ensuring that your staff is well-versed in legal and regulatory requirements is essential. We offer compliance training programs tailored to the specific needs of pharmacy operations.

10. Ongoing Regulatory Monitoring:

Pharmacy laws are dynamic. We provide ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes, helping you adapt and stay compliant with evolving legal requirements.

11. Credentialing:

Credentialing with PBMs, third-party payors, and government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare is complex and full of pitfalls.  Our experience and expertise will ensure that your pharmacy is credentialed in the shortest possible time.  We have unparalleled expertise on credentialing pharmacies in Heat Zones and in special situations such as when owners or locations have been denied credentialing before. 

  • Expert guidance to navigate complex federal, state, and local regulations, ensuring compliance with pharmacy licensing, DEA requirements, and FWA laws
  • Assistance with credentialing with PBMs, third-party payors, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Preparation for accreditation

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts with suppliers, service providers, and stakeholders to establish clear agreements and protect the pharmacy’s legal interests 
  • Counseling on intellectual property matters to safeguard the pharmacy’s brand and innovations in a competitive market.
    Full-spectrum legal services, including business structure guidance, real estate transactions, employment law compliance, and ongoing regulatory monitoring for long-term success