Kristina Giyaur, Esq.


At MDRXLaw, our attorneys specialize in representing pharmacies in civil and criminal investigations conducted by federal and state government agencies, as well as in prevention through effective compliance. With a profound understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape, our dedicated team is committed to providing strategic legal support for pharmacy providers and pharmacists facing complex challenges.

In an era marked by heightened scrutiny, the pharmacy industry faces a surge in government actions such as investigations into improper billing practices, misuse of pandemic grants and loans, Stark laws, drug diversion, employment of excluded individuals, HIPAA violations, and the like. Our legal team is well-versed in addressing these challenges, having represented hundreds of pharmacies in civil investigation and enforcement matters.

The historical trend toward heightened enforcement is particularly evident in criminal investigations, with a specific focus on violations of antikickback laws, insurance fraud, and false claims acts. Our attorneys are experts in pharmacy practices and adept at addressing criminal charges related to fraud, drug diversion, and illegal prescription practices. We implement strategic defense strategies, collaborate with experts, and leverage our specialized knowledge and expertise to challenge evidence, ensuring a comprehensive response to the intricacies of these investigations.

Given the historical trend toward increased enforcement actions, our attorneys work closely with pharmacy clients to develop proactive compliance programs aligned with federal, state, and local regulations. The heightened oversight underscores the importance of ongoing training, policy development, and vigilant monitoring. We assist clients in identifying and addressing potential compliance gaps, enabling them to navigate the complex legal landscape with confidence.

As the pharmacy industry adapts to continuous regulatory evolution, our legal team remains at the forefront. We provide insightful advice on navigating the historical trends of increased enforcement, including specific considerations related to antikickback statutes. This guidance extends beyond legal considerations to encompass ethical reflections, professional responsibilities, and innovative risk management strategies, empowering clients to operate ethically and in full compliance with the law.

At MDRXLaw, our practice is shaped by a historical understanding of the pharmacy industry’s regulatory evolution, with a particular focus on criminal investigations. When faced with investigations and compliance challenges, you will benefit from our decades of combined experience, deep understanding of the pharmacy industry and practices, and general expertise in healthcare law.

  • Conducting internal audits and investigations
  • Representing clients in connection with government investigations
  • Liaison and negotiate with agents and investigators
  • Analysis of discoverable evidence to avoid unnecessary exposure
  • Negotiating Deferred Prosecution Agreements and other resolutions of investigations